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Homer's Iliad (NFT #10/10)


Iliad by Ancient Memes
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The water’s shallow, come in!

The Achaeans finally reached Troy, ready to rumble. The captain announced on the loudspeaker: “In a few minutes, we will be approaching the port of Troy. Drivers should head for the garage to find their horses. The ship will be leaving for Donousa immediately”, and the Achaeans, who’d cramped up from all the sitting in the airplane seats, got ready for debarkation.

As ship tied to the dock, some of the passengers rushed to find the good “Rooms To Let” with sea views. Ulysses recalled the prophecy of the Oracle Calchas: “The first to step foot on the Land of Troy will be the first to die in the war”. And so, he threw his shield on the shore and jumped on top of it.

Achilles hesitated to get off the boat, but Protesilaus, the head of the Thessalians, thinking that Ulysses had stepped first on Trojan land, disembarked happily. Protesilaus was killed in the first battle.