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Homer's Iliad (NFT #3/10)


Iliad by Ancient Memes
Edition 3 of 3
10% royalties


Paris – Achilles 1-0 home game

The years have gone by, 9 to be exact, and the Achaean Achilles carries on killing people in Troy. This, however, doesn’t please the gods, who take their own sweet time to stop him; but, better late than never. So, Apollo goes to Paris, son of Priamos, King of Troy, and says “Hey, Stretch ….um, well, you may be short but the helmet adds a few inches. Anyway, listen to what I have to say and hold on to it. Thetis, Achilles mom, dipped him in Lake Stiga when he was a baby to make him invincible. BUT, there’s one spot that isn’t invincible and that his right ankle; on your right, not mine. You know what to do”, he says and winks. And that’s where Paris hits him with a poison arrow and “That’s all folks”.