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Homer's Iliad (NFT #4/10)


Iliad by Ancient Memes
Edition 1 of 3
10% royalties


Selfie of random Achaean with the Trojan Horse

It’s been 9 years since the Trojan War started. The Achaeans are exhausted and disheartened, especially after the death of Achilles, desperate that they’re hitting the post instead of scoring a goal, The ingenious, jack of all trades, master of none Ulysses is thinking of changing up the system and to go on the offense with a ruse: The Trojan Horse. So, they build a wooden horse that is hollow for the top Greek generals and strapping soldiers to hide inside, leaving it outside the walls of Troy as a so-called ‘gift’ of the Achaeans to honor the goddess Athena. Meanwhile, they feign the ‘retreat’ of the rest of the Achaean army by burning down the Achaean camp one night at half-time and fleeing on the ships to hole up on Tenedos Island