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Homer's Iliad (NFT #9/10)


Iliad by Ancient Memes
Edition 1 of 3
10% royalties


Are you sure you’re my enemy?

Achilles had been killed by Patroclus – friendly fire and such – and Aeandas asked for his weapons. Being friends, companions, bros, he wanted to have something to remember him by. HR decided not to give him anything and if that wasn’t enough, they gave Achilles’ weapons to no other than Ulysses.

‘I WENT AND HELPED” cried Aeandas and he wasn’t lying, since he was the one who gathered the corpses of Achilles and Patroclus.

“WHY SHOULD ULYSSES GET THE WEAPONS? I’LL SHOW THEM, I WILL”, and Aeandas swore to take revenge on the sly weasels by killing the Achaeans and Ulysses. However, Athena drove him to madness and he attacked some cattle that he thought were his enemies. In the morning when he woke and after recovering from his anger hangover, he realized what he’d done.

Feeling the utmost shame, he fell on his sword and killed himself.

That went well, didn’t it?...